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434 MHz 50mw TX - Z70A 50mw 4 ch 70cm TX - VM-70X 5 Watt 4ch 70cm TX
Video transmitter modules sold to licensed radio amateurs for FCC legal uses only

434 ATV Transmitter

434 ATV Transmitter............$99

50-100 mW on 434 MHz, perfect for ATV demo's, small R/C vehicles up to 1/2 mile, short links to 5 miles, kites and hat cams - application notes included. video only, .63x.8x2.25", 1.5 oz., 9Vdc +/-2V @ 40mA. Connector for standard 9V alkaline battery - lasts over 8 hrs, >1 hr with camera.
Total weight is 7oz with 434 TX, mini color camera, 9V alkaline battery and Diamond RH3 antenna.
The 434 MHz frequency can be received on most cable ready TV's or analog cable tuner to USB port and lap top tuned to analog cable channel 59. Most TV AFC's will lock on to the .75 MHz difference. If not, a TVC-4S downconverter can be used.
Get on the air right away by ordering the 434 TX and Diamond RH3 rubber duck antenna. Also see the ATV Pouch application note.

Z70A ATV Transmitter

Z70A 4 Channel 70cm ATV Transmitter...$149

Now you can plug in both the line audio and video from a mini color camera and have sound and video from your hat cam or belt pouch. Digi-switch select 439.25, 434.0, 427.25 or 426.25 MHz as well as internal video and audio test generator. 50-100 mW RF out, .75x1.5x3.25", 3 oz., 9V@250ma. Total weight 11oz for Z70A TX, CG35A mini color camera, two 9V alkaline batteries and Diamond RH3 antenna. This transmitter is suggested for R/C Robots such as the Parallax BOE-BOT kit popular with school projects. For portable and EmComm applications use an 8 AA Ni-MH battery pack or 7 AA alkalines. Use a BNCp/RCAj BNC male to RCA female adaptor in the video line between the Z70A and CG-35 mini camera.

7025PA AmplifierAdd Power - Both the Videolynx 434 and Z70A 50mw ATV modules can drive the Downeast Microwave 7025PA linear amplifier to over 20 Watts pep for the home station. Also see the PA5 application note if you want to build your own linear amplifier.

VM-70X ATV Transmitter

VM-70X 5 Watt 4 Channel 70cm ATV Transmitter module....$199

Small adjustable 0 to 5 Watts pep 4 channel (426.25, 427.25, 434.0 439.25 MHz) ATV transmitter with sound. >1/2 Watt requires additional heat sink and/or fan. See our app note on this module. Runs on +11 to +14 Vdc, draws 380 mA at 1/2 W out, 1.5A at 5W. Size 2.35 x 2.8 x .75", 2.5 oz. SMA RF out jack. Solder pads are provided for your wiring to external connectors for DC power, video and line audio inputs.
Great for home station, public service events and high altitude balloons. A special VM-70X with 421.25 MHz for repeater output can be ordered - add $25. The VM-70X can be adjusted down to drive the Mirage D26N, D1010 or D100 ATV versions to over 50 Watts within their linear range.
Videolynx VM-70X Manual

packaged transmitter with VM-70X module

Download our Quick Start and full application note on packaging the VM-70X in a Hammond 1590D die cast aluminum box for home and portable use. The app note includes parts list with sources and a drill template. The FMA5 board is no longer available for a hand mic, but line audio from a camcorder or camera can be plugged in for sound. Dont let the SMA RF out jack scare you off, there are SMA plug to N jack adaptors to connect to your low loss coax - like LMR-400 to the antenna - or use the SMA plug to pigtail 10" long cable to connect to a TR-1b T/R relay board. Estimated total cost to package the transmitter at right is about $300 using the parts list in the application note.

sma to N adaptor
SMAp-Nj adaptor.
Adapt the VM-70X RF output jack to an N to connect to low loss larger coax.

sma cable
SMAp cable.
Use this 10" cable to connect the VM-70X to the TR-1b board or chassis mounted N jack.

TR-1b board
TR-1b Antenna Transmit/Receive relay board

This P.C. Electronics board mounts on a type N UG21 chassis jack and switches the antenna between the transmitter and downconverter as well as DC power.
Data sheet.

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