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ATV DX Records
Last update May 19, 2015
Hosted by Tom O'Hara W6ORG - Email: Retired owner of P.C. Electronics, The Leader in Amateur Television Equipment for 50 years - history

Below are the recorded ATV DX records by band.
To qualify, the transmission must be simplex analog standard scan AM, FM (NTSC, PAL or SECAM), or DVB-T with a photo of the receiving stations TV screen in which the call letters of the transmitting station can plainly be seen. DX records will be listed AM, FM and DVB-T by band for over land transmissions, over water, balloon or rocket separately. No repeater, SSTV, still frame digital or other modes - there are too many variables.
    The information you send us must include the transmitting stations call sign, location, latitude/longitude, transmitter power, antenna type and polarity, video carrier frequency, AM or FM, time, date, receiving stations call sign, location, latitude/longitude, photo off the TV screen at the receive site plus any other details or notes that may be of interest.

You can check the distance by entering the latitude and longitudes for the two locations at the NOAA web site. You can find your latitude and longitude with a GPS receiver or possibly your license QTH listed at the QRZ call sign lookup by clicking on details.
The Hepburn tropo ducting forcast maps are a good source to see what might be possible for your area - scroll down and click on the maps for your area of the world.

70 cm Band

2518 miles over water, July 11, 1994, AM on 434.0 MHz. Transmitted by Paul Leib, KH6HME at the Mauna Loa Volcano Hawaii (19-35N 155-27W) to Mike Henkowski, KC6CCC in San Clemente, California USA. P. C. Electronics RTX70-1 driving a Mirage D100N-ATV repeater amp, 100 watts to quad 14 element beams, horizontally polarized. Receive with a 14 element beam to a P. C. Electronics TVC-4G downconverter. First contact was with Gordon West, WB6NOA, in Costa Mesa, CA (33.68N 117.91W) at 2495 miles and he put the word out to other ATVers in the area. West Coast hams monitor 144.170 CW for KH6HME's beacon. If heard, Paul drives up the volcano and switches to SSB. If signals are really strong, he activates the 434 ATV.

KH6HME beacon station

643 miles over land in the summer of 1990, AM on 439.25 MHz. 400 watts from a homebrew 8938 amp transmitted by Ron Stefanskie, W9ZIH in Malta, IL (41.93N 88.86W) to Rick Vidmar K9KK in Oklahoma City OK, USA. Antennas were horizontally polarized, quad K2RIW 25 elememnt beams at W9ZIH and K9KK was using a pair of M2 18 element yagi's. Rick was running 300 watts out of a Henry 2004-A amp. Initial contact was on 40 meters when they decided to try 432 SSB. Signals were so strong they switched to ATV.
YouTube video of a 500 mile+ contact between K9KK in Norman OK and KA9UVY in Mt. Vernon IL.

33 cm Band

371 miles over land, August 17, 2007 between Robert Delaney, KA9UVY in Mt. Venon IL and Bryan Dygert, KC8LMI in Pleasant Lake, Michigan. KC8LMI was running a P. C. Electronics TX33-1 driving a Glenayre amp for 350 watts PEP AM on 910.25 MHz to 2 homebrew 45 element loop Yagis up 111 ft and fed with 170 ft of Andrew 1-1/4" Heliax. KA9UVY was running the same transmitter and amplifier but with 150 watts PEP AM out on 923.25 MHz. His antenna was a Directive Systems 33 element loop Yagi at 125 ft through 160 ft of Andrew 1/2" Heliax. Receive was a P. C. Electronics TVC-9G downconverter and Downeast Microwave 33LNAWPQ antenna mounted peamp. The contact started at about 8:00 AM with about P-1 pix and built to P-3's both ways lasting over 45 minutes. Initial contact was made on 144.340 and coordination was carried out on 144.360 due to QRM.

23 cm Band

252 miles over land, July 23, 2005 FM on 1280 MHz. Ron Stefanski, W9ZIH in Malta IL transmitting home brew 300 watts with quad 55 element Loop Yagi's to Bob Delaney, KA9UVY in Mt. Vernon IL, USA. Bob has a single 55 element Loop Yagi and runs 20 watts.

307 miles over land with P2-3 video occured on July 1, 2007 from Ron, W9ZIH to Ferrell Winder, W8ZCF, in Cincinatti Ohio running FM on 1280 MHz. However, Ferrell did not have a camera handy to verify the record at the time.

13 cm Band

108 miles over land, FM on 2415 MHz Dec. 18, 2005. 20 W to a 22 dBi dish horizontally polarized transmitted by Jack Swart, VK2TRF south of Mt. Warrwawolong to Jonathon Berry, VK2TAS at Mt. Gibralter Australia. Johnathon Berry transmitted with 25 watts to a 22 dBi dish.

150 miles is claimed by VK2TRF and VK2GG on Oct. 6, 2007 from Mt. Coreee to Mt. Canobolas Australia and running 25 Watts. However they did not supply all the required information and photos. They also claim 134 miles on 3, 6 and 9cm running 2, 8 and 40 watts respectively, and 74 miles running 80mW on 24 GHz.

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