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All about Amateur Television - ATV. Ham Radio with Vision
Hosted by Tom O'Hara W6ORG - Email:
Retired owner of P.C. Electronics, The Leader in Amateur Television Equipment
for 50 years - history

ham tv

Surplus ATV Gear and Parts
Last Update Feb. 7, 2024

Most Prices Have Been Reduced
Make us an offer we can't refuse

I might even throw in some extras to fill up the box.

Mary Ann gave me orders to clean up the garage and ham shack - So please check back often and help me out.
From time to time I will list here surplus personal Ham TV items that we have accumulated over the years and now have available to hams.
I will accept check or MO made out to Tom O'Hara and mailed to my license (W6ORG) address. Most items are
shipped in USPO Priority mail flat rate boxes: Small $10, Medium $17, Large $22.

Email with questions or interest in the items below.
SCROLL DOWN for ATV gear or go direct to:
Boards - Transistors - Video Gain Pot - Caps, Ind, res - Power Module - Crystals - IC's

Parts - Prices reduced on 2N5770, 2N2907 and MM3725 Transistors, 100 Ohm pots, Trimmer Caps......


2N5770 - data sheet - RF small signal TO-92 NPN Transistor used in our crystal controlled transmitters and downconverters
        for the oscillator and multiplier stages. Up to 50 mw at 400 MHz. Also a good general purpose NPN transistor,
        for analog and digital applications, similar to 2N918, 2N2222 and 2N3904.
                10 for $1 (10¢), bag of 100 for $7 (7¢) or box of 2000 for $100 (5¢). 2800 in stock, make offer for some or for all.

PN2222 - TO-92 version of the 2N2222 NPN transistor.
        Bag of 400 for $24 (6¢)

2N2907 - data sheet - TO-92 version of this popular small signal PNP transistor. Used in our sync separator circuits and
        other products. Great general purpose PNP.
                10 for $1 (10¢), bag of 100 for $6 (6¢), 1000 for $50 (5¢). 800 available, make offer for some or for all.

MM3725 - data sheet - Motorola TO39 NPN used as the video modulator and replaces 2N3734 and 2N3553 in our
        KPA5, TX, TC, RTX, and TXA5-RC transmitters.
                $1.50ea., 25 at $1.25ea, 140 in stock, make offer for some or for all.

MRF901 - data sheet - low noise - 2.0 dB - UHF preamp transistor, Motorola.............$5 ea., 10 in stock.

NE64535 - data sheet - Lower noise - .9 dB - NEC UHF preamp transistor.............$7 ea., 25 in stock.

NE25339 - data sheet - SOT-143 surface mount dual gate GaAsfet used in our downconverters.......$8, 10 in stock.

100 Ohm pot

100 Ohm Pot, Carbon, Panel Mount - Used in our transmitters for video gain control.
        100 Ohm carbon panel pots are hard to find, most at this resistance are wire wound which are too inductive
        at higher video frequencies. So we had a large number special made by CTS - data sheet.
        3/4" shaft length half of which is the 3/8" bushing, 1/4 inch dia round shaft, 1/2W
                $1.25 ea, 25 at $1.00 ea,, 50 up at $.80 each - 600 available, make offer for all.

Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor, tuning range 2-8 pF - Sprague GKU6R000 - data sheet.
        RF peaking cap (red top) used in our transmitters and downconverters.
                $1ea, 10 for $7 (70¢), 100 for $50 (50¢). 1000 for $300 (30¢) . 1300 in stock, make offer for all.

feedthru cap

Feed Through Capacitor - .001 mF.
        Used to keep RF from riding in on DC, audio and control lines in repeater transmitters, receiver & control chassis.
        Handles up to 200Vdc at 20A. .168 dia mounting hole, 8-32 nut, lock washer and ground lug.
                $1.50ea, 10 at $1.20 ea., $1.00 ea for 50 up. 400 available, make offer for all.

Capacitors - disc ceramics, electolytics, etc.
        Click on Capacitors above or photo for the list of values
        and number available

Inductor / RF choke, .20 each or $15 per 100
        1 uH (300 in stock), 4.7 uH (100 in stock) & 33 uH (300 in stock).

Resistors - 1/4 watt carbon film, bags of 100 or 200 ....$1/100
        Click on Resistors above for list of values and number of bags available

Crystals $5 ea: we have a variety of HC-25 plug in crystals used in our downconverters
        and transmitters before we switched over to synthesizers. Click on Crystals to see
        the list of frequencies, quantities on hand and what they were used for.

fuse  holderFuse Holder - chassis mount, for 3AG size fuses. 2 for $1

ICIC's - DIP integrated circuits.
        MC2833p Low Power FM transmitter system IC - data sheet .....$2, 5 in stock
        MC145151p2 Synthesizer PLL IC - data sheet - Motorola..$4ea...13 in stock.
        MC705K1CP Microprocessor programmed for 88-108 FM transmitter
              oscillator driving MC145170 synthesizer IC..$2, all for $1 ea, 94 in stock, make offer.
        BA1404 Stereo FM Modulator similar to NJR 2035D..$.40, all for $.25ea, 80 in stock, make offer.

TR-1b T/R relay board TR-1b Antenna Transmit/Receive Relay Module...... $8,
additional boards $6, 8 for $50, 20 for $100
- 34 left

This 2.0x1.8" Module allows you to switch the 50 Ohm antenna between any transmitter up to 500 MHz and 25 watts and a receiver. While designed for T/R switching in the 420-450MHz band, we can modify them for use on other bands up to 23cm. Two of them can be used to switch an amplifier in or out. There is also a relay that was used to switch the camera video from the video monitor output to the detected video out. In addition there is another relay that is used to switch the DC between the receiver and transmitter. While the DC relay can only handle up to an Amp, most power modules final DC power can be left on and the bias voltage switched instead, or the video relay can be wired in paralleled for up to 3 Amps (6A using both RF in and RF out TR-1b boards. The board comes with all parts soldered in as in the photo.
The board mounts on a chassis flange mount type N UG-58 or SO-239 50 Ohm RF jack.
See the TR-1b data sheet and the application note using the RA30H4047M power module.

Bias-T Parts Kit............$15

Power your Antenna mounted preamp on the 400, 900 or 1200 MHz band through the coax with this bias T. Great for powering Downeast 23LNAWPQ or 33LNAWPQ antenna mounted preamp from the ham shack. Insertion loss was measured at less than 1 dB. Kit contains LMB cad plated - solderable - metal box with lid, 2 BNC chassis jacks, feedthru cap, 100 Ohm 1/4W resistor,.22 uH inductor and data sheet.

Additonal 2x2x.88" cad plated metal can with lid, great for small projects...$1 each or 15 for $10.

4.5 MHz Sound Trap - 18uH slug tuned inductor and 120pf cap used in our
        DMTR Detector Video Monitor T/R relay board to reduce detected 4.5 MHz
        sound carrier cross hatching with the color subcarrier in the monitor video output.
        Custom made for us by Coilcraft using their Slot-10-1 inductors. 120pF cap included.
                1.50 each, 10 for $10 - 160 available, make offer for some or all.

Collectors Item - The original Kreepie Peepie ATV Transmitter

It all began with this 50-100mW Kreepie Peepie built from a TXA5 ATV transmitter and FMA5 sound board in a 4.7x7.4x2.2" die cast aluminum box to walk around local ham swap meets and do ham club demos. We found and dusted off the portable unit we first built up to demo our boards made for portable ATV, fired it up and it still worked!

If you were at the Dayton Hamvention in the early 80's you might have seen us walking around transmitting video back to our PC Electronics booth with it. Later we designed the all in one board 1W transmitter, KPA5, that were used at parades and races. The TXA5-70 board is two channel, but only 426.25 MHz is supplied. The $100 price includes USPS shipping in the USA.

The 10 pin jack matched the plugs used on the video cameras of the time, but we will include a matching plug if you want to make up an adaptor cable to RCA A/V phono jacks. Switches are Camera power, Transmitter on, Audio on and frequency. A coaxial jack is for 12-14VDC. BNC RF out jack on top. Can be connected through an attenuator to drive a higher powered amp like the PA5.

Power Modules

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