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tower cam

ATV Repeater
Live Tower Cam
with OSD ID overlay.

OSD-ID board system Click on the model numbers for more info and photos to enlarge and see more detail.

OSD sample pix Overlay text on your camera video for call letter IDing, location, calling frequency or other information. The 28 pin hybrid IC can be run by itself wired to a socket for R/C, Balloon and Rocket work where size is important or use the 2.5x2.5" carrier board which together weighs 1oz. Video can stand alone wth a color background or connect in the video line between your camera and transmitter to overlay text. Accepts NTSC or PAL video and takes 8 to 14Vdc. Improved fonts, sizes and graphics as can be seen on the sample screen shot photo at left. ATV Research has a variety of cameras available at wholesale prices to licensed radio amateurs that will work great at the home station or mini-cameras for balloons, rockets and R/C.

OSD-ID+ with carrier board. .....$129
    Program up to 30 characters per 13 lines from the on board buttons or use your
    computer. This is an easy way to ID your transmissions per FCC Rule 47 CFR
    97.119 with your call continuously or timed every 10 minutes when doing long
    transmissions during public service events. Non volitile memory maintains the
    ID / text while power is off. This board is suggested for an ATV repeater ID as a
    stand alone video ID/text generator or overlay on a tower cam.
      OSD-ID+w/e Board above packaged in a 4.25" x 3.5" x 1.25" enclosure...$249

OSD-ID+ board Portable Repeater ID OSD-ID+w/e

GeoStampOSD-GPS screen shotOSD-GPS+ board OSD-GPS+ with carrier board....$139
    Overlays Latitude, Longitude, Heading, Speed, Time, Altitude, DX & bearing
    to a waypoint from your GPS receiver along with your call - up to 10 letters.
    Accepts NMEA or RS-232 data input from your GPS receiver.
    We suggest the Garmin GPS-15 or 18.
    Click on the photo of the R/C aircraft ATV video on right to see the detail.
    GeoStamp Packaged version of the OSD-GPS+.......$279

Video StampOSD-232 boardOSD-232+w/c with carrier board...$119
    Overlay up to 30 characters per 12 rows directly from your computers RS-232 port
    or Basic II Stamp. Similar to older OSD-PC but must always be connected to RS232 source.
    NTSC or PAL video input. Hybrid chip may be unplugged and used by itself.
    Req. 7 to 14 Vdc. VideoStamp+ packaged version....$249

Off air OSD-ID W6ORGIdentifying - FCC Rule 47 CFR 97.119 says that you must ID your call letters, with few exceptions, regardless of the mode in Amateur Radio every 10 minutes during long transmissions and at the end of every transmission. With ATV, You can simply speak your call on the sound subcarrier or the easiest is to make a sign with your call letters on it that can be plainly seen on the wall behind you in the shack. However, a video overlay board will keep your call ID on screen no matter where you point the camera.

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