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P. C. Electronics
Manuals and Repair Help from Tom O'Hara, W6ORG, the retired owner of P. C. Electrtonics. P. C. Electronics was the Leader in Amateur Television Equipment for 50 years - history.

Manuals - Only email requests by licensed radio amateurs for lost manuals of P. C. Electronics equipment will be honored - there is no cost.
Email requests to must include your call letters and find the model number, revision letter and year as etched on the board to help us identify the right version of the product. An attached photo is also helpful. Please put ATV manual request in the subject line.

Manuals or data sheets in PDF or JPEG format will be sent as an attachment back to you for your own personal use. Copies or listing on other web sites are not authorized except by written permission from W6ORG.

Repairs - First, email to with ATV repair in the subject line if you need trouble shooting help with P. C. Electronics manufactured gear or to make sure there is a problem with the product. Equipment manufactured by another company, even though sold by P. C. Electronics, we might be able to help you trouble shoot, but you must contact the manufacturer for their repair and warranty policy. We will do our best to get you back up on the air as quickly as possible.

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