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Last update June 12, 2019
Hosted by Tom O'Hara W6ORG - Email: Retired owner of P.C. Electronics, The Leader in Amateur Television Equipment for 50 years - history

10 Pin VHS Camera Connector

Back in the1980's when cameras and video tape recorders were separate, most all VHS portable recorders used a 10 pin connector. Some of our TC-1 and TC70-1 transceivers in that decade had a chassis jack on them to accommodate these cameras as well as the standard RCA jacks. These old vidicon tube cameras still show up at swap meets and hams want to use them with their ATV transmitters by adding a 10 pin chassis jack.

However, external 12Vdc usually needs to be run to the camera connector because the camera current exceeds what is available from the transmitter power supply. You need to verify that there is at least an extra 1/2 amp for the camera if you want to use an existing power supply.

The female chassis jacks are available from Digi-key - 800-344-4539 - part number RM15TRD-10S(71).
HR-106 is the male cable plug.
These are Hirose RM series 15mm video connectors.

Typical pin out:
    1 Video Out (1 Volt peak to peak into 75 ohm resistive load)
    2 Video ground
    3 Video in (used if there is a monitor in the camera)
    4 open
    5 Audio in (used if there is an earphone jack on the camera)
    6 pause (control varies among different mfr. cameras)
    7 Audio out (Line level audio out .5 to 1 V p-p into 10K load)
    8 Audio ground
    9 Power ground
    10 + DC power input.

P. C. Electronics DC Power Cable

In 1980 we standardized our 13.8Vdc power cable on our packaged transmitters and transceivers to a 4 pin mic plug. We wanted to have 2 extra pins to connect to any external downconverter or amplifier if necessary and use a connector that would be easy for hams to obtain locally. These plugs are available from Radio Shack (2740001). We also use a pair of #18 wires - black ground and red plus - which a roll is available from Radio Shack (2780567).

1 Ground, black
2 +13.8 Vdc, red
3 optional - Ground to external device in transmitters only
4 optional - +Vdc to downconverter or key amplifier in transmitters only

Replacement Lamp Sources

All are 12V incandescent:
TVC series downconverters - Radio Shack 272-331
Transceivers and Transmitters - Mouser Electronics 35LS124

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